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Our friendly experienced staff will guide you through this unique process, allowing you, your partner and loved ones to all join in the ultimate bonding experience.

Perth’s Only dedicated 3D Ultrasound Studio with a Qualified Medical Sonographer


About Our Service

Our goal is to not only to produce quality photo-like pictures but to allow you to meet your baby’s personality for the first time. Using 4D (moving 3D) ultrasound (sonographies) we can capture your baby moving, yawning and even smiling. This has been proven to enhance the connection between you and your amazing baby.

Our luxury ultrasound Perth suite is a comfortable, relaxed, non-confronting environment. Bring up to 10 guests to share the joy.

You can book online, via phone, text or e-mail.

3D Scan Perth

3D/4D Realism

Beautiful Beginnings ultrasound in Joondalup uses the most advanced 3D/4D technology and equipment on the market. TrueVue photorealistic 3D visualization, with its virtual light source, produces advanced 3D photo like 3D images. This imaging technique gives the sonographer the ability to move the light source anywhere in the 3D volume, enhancing aspects of your baby’s unique features.

Being able to see your baby as a newborn helps support the connection between mother and baby. Partners and loved ones also feel this unique bond.
The quality of scans reflects the years of training and experience of our friendly sonographers, specialising in obstetrics and providing high-quality diagnostic imaging services.

4D & 3D Ultrasound Perth Imaging

Whether performed by a radiologist (a doctor trained in reading X-rays) or sonographer, ultrasound scans usually painless and extensive research has found no harmful effects to the mother or child. Although, slight pressure may be applied during the procedure (through the use of a transducer) to improve image quality.

We store 3D photos and 4D video clips on USB so you can enjoy the memories for years to come. A 60 Inch HD TV allows superb viewing of the baby for all in the room. We provide the highest quality sonography ultrasound Perth & Joondalup has to offer, just enquire below.


Facts & Queries

Questions & Answers from Louisa

Why choose Beautiful Beginnings?

Our sonographers understand the importance and significance of your baby bonding experience. Using the most advanced technology they will strive to make your time with us something you will treasure forever. The spacious luxury suite in Joondalup ensures nobody should miss out on this special occasion.

When is the best time to have my 3D/ 4D?

We can achieve clear and realistic pictures throughout your pregnancy. Different stages of your pregnancy offers unique benefits. In the early stages from 18 to 25 weeks you can see amazing baby movements. After this stage there is less movement activity but facial detail is superior.

If you are carrying twins, we recommend you to have your 3D session between 23-26 weeks of pregnancy. The ideal time to have your scanning session is around 28 weeks.

Is 3D Ultrasound Imaging safe?

Extensive research has not found any harmful effects to either mother or baby.

Can we always get good facial pictures?

Having your scan performed by our experienced, qualified ultrasound staff and state of the art technology does help to achieve good facial views most of the time. Unfortunately, certain factors are out of our control. Occasionally position of the baby, hand or cord near face, maternal size, position of placenta or location of amniotic fluid can restrict our success. If the baby’s face is completely hidden throughout the scan then a free additional appointment will be offered.

Do I need a Doctors referral?

No beautiful beginnings is a non-diagnostic ultrasound service.

Do I need a diagnostic scan prior to coming to beautiful beginnings?

Yes you must have a normal formal diagnostic dating scan or nuchal scan prior to a gender reveal scan and a normal Anatomy scan prior to our getting to know you and watching you grow scans. GP details will be required at the time of your scan.

What happens if the sonographer suspect an anomaly?

You will not be informed of the sonographer’s suspicions. Your GP will be contacted. It will be their decision to advise a follow up diagnostic scan.

What preparation is needed before the scan?

No need to attend with a full bladder, just try to keep well hydrated the day of your scan and the day prior.

How is payment made?

Payment is made on the day of your appointment. Eftpos facilities are available. we accept debit, Visa, Master Card and cash. We do not accept personal cheques.

Can my family and friends come with me to the appointment?

Yes, the large ultrasound Joondalup suite can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. Babies and children are welcome. There is a children’s play corner to help entertain your kids whilst you relax for the scan.

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Perth's Only Dedicated 3D Ultrasound Studio with a Qualified Medical Sonographer.

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*If your preferred appointment date and time are unavailable on the Online Booking section please contact us at [email protected] and we will try our very best to fit you in. We welcome last minute appointments and would love to see you!

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