Keepsake Heartbeat Bears 🐻: Don’t Miss A Beat 💓

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Just wanted to introduce you to our beautiful Heartbeat Bears 💓🐻

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I’m a sucker for things you can keep forever, that’s why I love Heartbeat Bears 🐻. The heartbeat sound is a keepsake that has incomparable value. It has become one of my favourite keepsakes for sure! 🤰 Moms-to-be can listen 👂 to their baby’s heartbeat 💓 “on demand” – not just when they come in for an ultrasound.

Keepsakes remind and comfort. Having something tangible is just one extra thing that helps you re-live the memories.

You can also think of it as your baby’s first teddy bear! 🐻

How it Works

Capturing your baby’s heartbeat is super simple! Each bear has a set of instructions to record your baby’s heartbeat, but basically: it comes with a little red heart ❤️ recording device that you simply press and hold down for 20 seconds to capture the baby’s heartbeat. After that you place the heart into the back pocket of the bear and secure it shut. So simple!

20 Seconds of Sweetness

Hearing your baby’s little heartbeat is basically magic! It’s love at first sound! It’s the most real sound reassuring you that you’re growing a real little human in there!

Builds a Connection

This keepsake builds a connection and strengthens the bond between a mother, baby, and family 👪.

Gender Reveal Option

For those looking to announce their baby’s gender, a pink tutu (it’s a girl ♀️) and a blue bowtie (it’s a boy ♂️) are included with the bear for a gender reveal option.

Soothes Baby After Birth

After baby is born, hearing his or her own heartbeat actually soothes them.

Perfect Gift

A Heartbeat Bear is also the perfect push present or baby shower gift 🎁.

Price: Only $69.95

As mentioned previously, this keepsake has incomparable value. It provides the opportunity to listen to your baby’s heartbeat over and over whenever you want! How cool is that!?

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